Kakao Developers

Kakao Developer's offer platform and service for developers to build safe and trustworthy APP

Empower Kakaos technologies to your APP easily!
Kakao empowered technologies are on your way. Based on our experiences with users, big data processing technology, real time response and security, we will open up our technologies to developers gradually
Try Kakao's variety of service APIs in your APP today!
Services like Kakao Talk and Kakao Service have become part of our culture and these great services API will be opened to publics usage. After considering many factors cautiously in depth, we will open up our services to the public gradually. Kakao consider our users as our top priority.


This is the core reason why Kakao strive to make win-win environment. Kakao Developers want to grow with thousands of developers around us and make such Win-Win environment.
Developer's productivity
One of our important goal is to increase developers productivity. Some might ask why we are struggling to build such complicated architecture with extensibility, security and reliability. Maintaining, and analyzing such system is not easy thing to do either. Its because of our goal, which is to provide better environment in which developers no longer have to struggle with challenges above but rather focus on logic of their app to create values.
Create values from users
Creative software developers striving to create things with values are who we honor the most. Through our open and secure technologies and services, we would like to create better world with greater values.