Getting started

Kakao Platform service provide API related to kakaotalk, kakaostory, and other kakao platforms.

This document describe on usage of kakao platform REST API using HTTP request. It also describes on what kakao platform has to provide to developers.

Before discussing details on such functionalities, please refer below.

If you wish to refer to REST API directly, refer below.

Below document discuss following details.

  • User management: Provides simple login through kakao account. Also provides tools to easily manage each users information. Details on essential information on dealing with login through Kakao platform.
  • KakaoStory: Provide direct use of API in apps provided by KakaoStory.
  • KakaoTalk: Provide direct use of API in apps provided by KakaoTalk.
  • KakaoPay
  • Push notification: Discuss on REST API for using push notification.Using REST API,developer can send notification to iOS, Android applications.

Below document is constructed in below environment and developer may use different different environment depending on system environment.

  • Apple OS X system 10.9.2
  • Curl(7.30.0) tool
  • Chrome(33.0.1750.146), Firefox(28.0) browser

Development environment

If developer is in an environment where HTTP request is possible, REST API can be used without barrier. Following is an example of environment for using REST API.

  • Mobile/PC web environment using Javascript
  • Various environment(Java, Ruby, Python)'s web server
  • iOS, Android and more of diffferent mobile environment

    Use Kakao SDK for iOS, Android, Javascript for easier development.

Developer's website will provide tool for developing and debugging REST API and this document will demonstrate such with curl in hand.

If curl is not installed, please download curl.

Creating app

App creation can be done through, My application > Create App If you set app's name and click *create, app will be created and will be given an app key. dev_004.png

  • When using REST API, use REST API key. Follow the steps using settingmenu. Enter site domain after selecting Add platform > web . dev_011.png

Last Modified : 2017-07-31