We provide environment for app development

You can now use Kakao platform which 100 million users guaranteed on.
Starting with Kakao's user management , the core of our platform, push alert and app log analytics will be provided openly.
Through your feedback, more of useful API will be released to help your need in developing useful apps.

User management

Logging in is now
easy, speedy and safe.

Which service are you making? shopping? perhaps SNS? You can now let user's login with Kakao Account in your service. With familiar login method from Kakao, users can now login easily, safely and fast.

  • 쇼핑 Shopping
  • 여행 Travel
  • 교육 Education
  • 기타
카카오 계정으로 로그인
로그인과 동시에
카카오톡 채널 친구추가까지

이용자와의 소통이 필요하세요?
카카오톡 카카오톡 채널는 가장 효율적인 이용자와의 소통 수단입니다. 카카오계정으로 로그인할 때, 카카오톡 채널를 쉽게 추가할 수 있도록 유도하는 기능을 제공합니다. 아직 카카오톡 채널를 개설하지 않았다면, 카카오톡 채널를 개설하고 카카오로그인과 함께 친구를 모아 보세요.

카카오톡 채널
Stop worrying
about complicated
user management

Stop worrying about building complicated user management and security system. Save time and money to focus on your business login instead!

사용자 관리 화면
Show familiar faces to user
from KakaoProfile photo

Use Kakaotalk profile pictures to give personal experience to users. You can now link KakaoTalk profile pictures and photo easily.

프로필 연동
Stabilize pushing data in quantity


With our experiences in dealing with big data, we offer our know how to developers. You dont have to build servers to send push alerts to users anymore. User our Kakao push system to do the same.

You can analyze user activity in real time.

App log Analytics

Kakao's App log analytic system now let you analyze on user app usage patterns and more.
Developing App with user activity data analyzed in variety of perspective will help you upgrade your app.

사용자 앱 활동성 그래프

앱의 활동성 그래프
Apply SDK
easily and fast

With variety of platform support,
you can now apply Analytics SDK easily. With few
settings, set up measuring tools to monitor your App activity.
You can lightly use Analytics SDK monotonically for
app analysis purpose.

See the changes user made
in real time

Don't worry about waiting for analytics in user activity.
Kakao's analytic system takes data in real time,
which means you can see changes in user data in real time.
You now don't have to worry about deploying new servers when user increase by number.

실시간 데이터 처리
See user analytics in different perspectives

We provide Kakao Platform for you to service user's need by providing
'basic analytics to statistics, monitoring certain activity,
event participation rate, return rate, and more.



Speak and listen conveniently with the voice feature.

The voice recognition and conversion features are what you need for your service in this AI era.
Experience improved accessibility, as the user can get result right away with the one-stop voice feature, rather than
going through several clicks. Now is the time to use the voice interface, which will be an ordinary feature in the near future.
The process will be quick. The result will be accurate.



Korea's No. 1 map service
always offering the latest data - Kakao Map

You can tap into various features of Korea's best map service, Kakao Map.
Use the map API which always provides latest data and the local API, to enhance your service for mobile applications or websites requiring features related to maps, locations or places.



AI 기술을 활용한 이미지 분석

이미지 콘텐츠의 소비가 급증하고 있는 요즘,
이미지 속 정보를 이해하고, 세상과 소통하는 다양한 기술들을 만나실수 있습니다.
보다 정교한 이미지 프로세싱 및 분석 기술로 여러분의 서비스를 업그레이드해보세요.



카카오 i의 다국어 번역 처리 기술을
적용한 텍스트 번역

카카오의 첨단 인공지능이 언어의 한계를 무너뜨립니다.
통합 인공지능 플랫폼, 카카오 i의 번역 엔진을 적용한 기계 번역 기술을 통해 글로벌 서비스로 성장하세요.



카톡 친구 목록을 활용해 소셜 기능까지

이용자간 소셜 서비스를 구축하신다구요?
카톡 친구 관계를 활용해서 편리하게 소셜 관계를 형성하세요.
카톡 친구들의 닉네임, 사진 정보를 활용해 소셜 서비스를 간편하게 구축할 수 있습니다.
카카오 서비스의 강점인 카톡 친구 플랫폼을 활용해 이용자에게 개인화된 경험을 제공하세요.