Platform Service Terms of Service

Article 1 Purpose

The purpose of this Terms of Service is to describe conditions and procedures for members to use the website (, "the Developer Website") which provides platforms required for Kakao Corp ("Kakao") to develop mobile applications and additional features which can be linked to Kakao's other services, and also define other necessary matters.

Article 2 Definition

① The term “Service” refers to all services provided by Kakao through the Developer Website to support the member’s mobile application development, such as Kakao platform API, Kakao service API, etc.
② The term “member” refers to, among those who have a Kakao Account, a person who has signed a service agreement with Kakao and develops mobile application through the Developer Website.

Article 3 Disclosure and Amendment of the Terms

① Kakao will post this Terms of Service on the initial page of the Developer Website so that members can easily understand the contents of this agreement.
② Kakao may amend the terms of this Terms of Use within the extent permitted by relevant laws such as without violating related laws such as the Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act.
③ When “Kakao” amends these terms, details of the proposed amendments along with the effective date and reason for amendment will be announced 7 days prior to the date they come into force through the initial page of the Developer Website. If the amendments are disadvantageous to the member, Kakao shall notify the amendments to individual members 30 days prior to the effective date through the means specified in Article 9, Paragraph ①.
④ The member will be deemed to have accepted any amendments if he or she does not express objection although Kakao has clearly announced or notified that amendments are to be made and the member will be deemed to have accepted them if an objection is not received.
⑤ Kakao may not apply the proposed amendments to this Terms if the member does not agree to them. In this case, the member may cease to use the Service. However, Kakao may terminate the Service if there is a special circumstance preventing the use of the existing Terms of Service.

Article 4 Interpretation of the Terms

① Kakao may have separate service operational policies (“Operational Policies”) related to service provision.
② Other matters that are not stipulated in the Terms shall be governed and interpreted by Operational Policies and other applicable laws or commercial practices.

Article 5 Registration of a Service Member

① Registration of a service member is concluded when a user who wishes to be a member (“Applicant”) agrees to the content of the Terms of Service and applies for a membership based on the procedure prescribed by Kakao, and Kakao approves such application.
② Kakao shall permit the use of the Service by the Applicant in principle. However, Kakao may not permit such use or terminate the use of the Service later in any of the following cases:

  1. The Applicant has lost membership in the past in accordance with this Terms of Service. An exception will be applied if the applicant has been re-admitted as a Kakao member.
  2. If the Applicant does not use a real name or uses someone else’s name;
  3. If the Applicant provides false information or fails to provide information required by Kakao;
  4. If the Applicant is younger than 14 years of age; or
  5. If an approval cannot be given due to reasons attributable to the Applicant or the Applicant applies for a membership while breaking other relevant regulations.

③ Kakao may defer an approval if there is insufficient room for service-related facilities or if there is any technical or business issue.

Article 6 Change of the Service Provider’s Information

① The member may view and edit his or her personal information on the Development Website.
② If there is any change to information provided by the member at the time of the application, it shall be corrected through the Developer Website or notified to Kakao via email or other means.
③ Kakao is not responsible for any issue arising out of the failure to notify Kakao of changes to personal information mentioned in Paragraph ②.

Article 7 Duty to Protect Personal Information

Kakao strives to protect the personal information of the member in accordance with applicable laws including the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc, relevant laws and regulations as well as the Privacy Policy are applied to the protection and use of personal information.

Article 8 Duty to Manage the Member’s Account

① The member is responsible for managing his or her Developer Website account, and may not allow any third party to use the account.
② Upon noticing that the account has been stolen or is being used by a third party, the member shall notify such fact to Kakao immediately and follow Kakao’s instruction.
③ In relation to the preceding paragraph, Kakao is not responsible for any issue arising out of the member’s failure to notify such fact to Kakao or to follow Kakao’s instruction after notifying Kakao.

Article 9 Notice to the Member

① If any notice is to be made to the member, Kakao may do so via the email address provided by the member, SMS, etc.
② If it is difficult for Kakao to send an individual notice because the member has not provided any contact information or the information has changed, or if Kakao needs to make a notice to random users, Kakao may do so by posting the notice in the Notice board on the Developer Website, etc.

Article 10 Kakao’s Duties

① Kakao shall comply with applicable laws and this Terms of Service, and does its best to provide stable Service without any interruption.

② Kakao shall have a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) to ensure that the member uses its Service safely, and discloses and complies with the Privacy Policy.
③ Kakao shall handle comments or complaints raised by the member regarding the use of the Service if it is deemed reasonable, and may deliver the processing status and results through the Notice board on the Developer Website, email, etc.

Article 11 Member’s Duties

① The member shall comply with applicable laws, this Terms of Service, Operational Policies, Instruction for Use and other announcements and notices made by Kakao, and shall not perform any act which may disrupt Kakao’s business.
② The member shall not perform any of the following acts in relation to the use of the Service. Kakao may stop the member from using the Service or terminate the service agreement if the member commits any of the following acts:

  1. Misuse of the account of another member or a third party;
  2. Acts related to criminal activity
  3. Violation of another person’s rights including intellectual property right
  4. Hacking or distribution of computer virus
  5. Access to the service using other means than those instructed by Kakao
  6. Unauthorized collection, use or provision of Kakao’s user information
  7. Use of the Service for profit-making purposes
  8. Development of mobile application that violates applicable laws with obscene content or IPR breach
  9. Development of mobile application targeting children younger than 14 years of age
  10. Duplication, modification, distribution, sale, lease, provision as collateral of all Services provided by Kakao or parts of software included therein, or allowing others to commit such acts; reverse-engineering of software, attempt to extract source codes, etc.
  11. Unauthorized use of Kakao’s business mark such as trademark and logo without Kakao’s explicit agreement
  12. Provision of false or incorrect information for parameters required for service use such as the profile of the developer account (name, email, company name, etc), application/service information (service name, icon, website domain, package name, market URL, bundle ID, etc) and etc. (including the act of maintaining old information and not keeping them up to date although there have been changes)
  13. Posting of any content on behalf of the user without the user’s consent (E.g. KakaoStory automatic posting)
  14. Violation of applicable laws related to the use of the user’s personal information which are provided or entrusted by Kakao or the Service or collected by the member, provision of such information to third parties, entrustment of personal information processing, and so on. (E.g. Article 27-2 (Disclosure of Privacy Policy) of the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. and Article 20 (Notification on Sources, etc. of Personal Information Collected from Those other than Owners of Information) of the Personal Information Protection Act)
  15. Use of the Service with a main purpose of redirecting the user from Kakao’s services (KakaoTalk, KakaoStory, etc) to outside services
  16. Mention of the member’s relationship with Kakao to media or the user without Kakao’s prior approval (including official press release and web posts)
  17. Use of the Service to access any application or web which falls into the category in which service use is restricted. (Such categories are defined by the Operational Policies.)
  18. Use of the Service in any application or web which posts or processes specific content including those supporting racial or ethnic discrimination. (Details are defined by the Operational Policies.)
  19. Use of the Service beyond the maximum volume limit. (Details on the daily limit, monthly limit, MAU limit are defined by the Operational Policies and subject to change.)
  20. Any act that may interfere with or prevent the stable operation of the Service
  21. Act of blaming Kakao for any error occurring in the member’s service due to reasons not attributed to the Service provided by Kakao and informing the media or the user that Kakao is responsible for the error
  22. Any other forbidden acts specified by the Operational Policies

③ The member may not use or provide to others the information obtained from the Service or the Developer Website (data, secret key, access token, etc) through duplication, reproduction, modification, translation, publication, media, entering in search engines or directories, or other means, without Kakao’s prior permission. Provided however that the member may share such information if a non-disclosure agreement is signed with an agent.
④ The member shall respond sincerely when Kakao requests explanations for any material, provision of access rights and relevant facts to check if there is any breach with service provision or this Terms of Service.
⑤ The member shall check version update frequently for features provided by Kakao through the Service including the software development kit (SDK).
⑥ The member shall comply with the following in relation to the protection of personal information on any program operated by the member. If Kakao recognizes that any duty specified in this paragraph has been breached, Kakao may stop the member from using the Service or terminate the service agreement.

  1. The service details in the consent management screen of the member’s program on the Developer Website should be same as the actual service provided by the member’s program.
  2. Personal information provided by Kakao should be encrypted before being sent or received.
  3. The “Unregister” menu should be provided on the member’s program and all personal information should be destroyed when a user unregisters from the service.
  4. The member should sincerely comply with its duties related to the protection of personal information as specified in the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.

⑦ In the event that the member provides service users’ data to Kakao in the course of using any technology or API to collect and analyze user data, the member should comply with relevant laws, instructions from related organizations, guidelines, etc, including the Personal Information Protection Act and the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.
⑧ If the data in Paragraph ⑦ is personal information, the member should obtain an agreement from the user on the provision of personal information to third parties in accordance with the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.
⑨ Kakao may demand compensation for any damages incurred to Kakao as a result of the member’s failure to fulfill duties specified in this Article.

Article 12 Service Details

① The Service is classified as the following:

  1. Platform API: Base platform API service which provides various features such as user management on Kakao Platform, push, analysis, storage, etc.
  2. Service API: A service which provides API that can be utilized by the member in individual services provided by Kakao. ② Kakao may inform the procedure to use the Service, instruction to use and other service details on the Developer Website, and the member is responsible for checking the information before commencing the user of the Service.

Article 13 Provision of Service, Etc.

① Kakao may provide different levels of Service depending on the member’s qualification.

② The member may choose to use a paid service after agreeing to the Terms of Paid Service of Kakao Developers_ (“Terms of Paid Service”). Details of the paid service are found in the Terms of Paid Service and the explanation on the paid service policy on the Developer Website.
③ The Service may be used for 24 hours, 7 days a week unless there is any business or technical issue on Kakao’s part.

④ Kakao may stop its Service temporarily in the event of the maintenance, replacement, malfunction or incident of IT facilities including computers, loss of communication, or other reasonable operational causes. In this case, Kakao will notify the member through the means specified in Article 9. However, Kakao may notify the member after-the-fact if there is an unavoidable circumstance preventing Kakao to send an advance notification..
⑤ Kakao may conduct a regular inspection if required for the provision of the Service, and the schedule will be posted on the Developer Website.
⑥ When information provided by Kakao is send at the request of a program, etc, Kakao may send it along with other information defined by kakao such as an advertisement or a page connected to an advertisement.

Article 14 Amendment of Service

① Kakao may amend the content of the Service or operational or technological matters to provide a stable> ② In case such amendment is made, Kakao will notify the details of amendment along with the effective date and the reason for amendment on the Developer Website.
③ Kakao may revise, stop or amend the Service provided for free, in whole or in part, if it is required for Kakao’s policy or operation. No compensation for such cases will be made to the member unless otherwise specified in applicable laws.

Article 15 Attribution of Rights

① The copyright and intellectual property right of the service belong to Kakao. An exception is applied to the member’s posts and programs developed by the member.
② Kakao provides the member only the right to use the account, the Developer Website, etc. in accordance with the terms of use defined by Kakao with respect to the Service. The member may not transfer, sell, or provide as collateral such right.

Article 16 Termination of Service Use and Compensation

① The member may at any time log into the Developer Website and apply for deregistration. Kakao will process the member’s deregistration request promptly pursuant to relevant laws.
② When the member’s deregistration process is completed, Kakao will delete all of the member’s information except for those which have to be retained in accordance with relevant laws and the Privacy Policy.
③ When the member’s deregistration process is completed, the member may not be able to re-register with the same member information based on Kakao’s service operation policy.
④ Kakao may terminate the user’s user of the Service after a separate notice if the user does not request the Service through a program, etc. for six consecutive months or longer in order to ensure the stability of the Service.
⑤ In the event of any damage occurring due to Kakao’s or the member’s violation of this Terms, the party which has violated this Terms is responsible for compensating for damages occurred to the other party.
⑥ In the event that Kakao faces any objection from a third party such as a claim for damage or a lawsuit due to the user’s illegal act or violation of this Terms during the use of the Service, the member should indemnify Kakao with its own liability and costs, and compensate for any damages suffered by Kakao.

Article 17 Restricted Use

① In the event that the member violates this Terms of Service and the Operational Policies or interferes with the normal operation of the Service, Kakao may restrict the member from using the Service by phase, such as a warning, request for data removal, temporary suspension (including the restriction of the developer’s and the app’s access to the platform feature), and termination of membership.
② Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, Kakao may terminate the membership immediately if the member violates current statutes.
③ If an access to the service is restricted or the use of the service is terminated based on this Article, Kakao will notify the member in accordance with Article 9.
④ The member may file an objection against the restricted use in accordance with this Article based on the procedure specified by Kakao. If Kakao decides that the objection is justifiable, Kakao will allow the member to use the service again immediately.

Article 18 Limitation of Liability

① Kakao is not liable for providing the Service in the event that the Service is interrupted due to the Force Majeure, DDoS attacks, IDC failure, network failure of the common carrier, or other equivalent circumstances beyond its control.
② Kakao is not liable for any service interruption resulting from reasons attributable to the member.
③ Kakao does not guarantee the reliability, accuracy, or legitimacy of the service developed by the member, and bear any responsibility therefore.
④ Kakao only provides, through the Service, additional features for the member’s development of the program, and does not guarantee any improvement in effectiveness by using the Service.
⑤ Kakao is not liable for the Service provided for free unless otherwise specified by applicable laws.

Article 19 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

① Any lawsuit filed between “Kakao” and the member shall be governed by Korean law.
② Any lawsuit on the dispute between Kakao and the member shall filed to the competent court according to the Civil Procedure Code.

[Supplementary Provision]

① This Agreement takes effect on May 25, 2017. Provided however that this Terms of Service will apply to new members who sign up for the Service between the date on which the amended Terms is posted and the day before the effective date.

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