Operational Policies

This Operation policy shall govern members' use of the Kakao Platform service. If any member fails to comply with the Operation Policy, he/she may be subject to disadvantages, so please read it carefully. Kakao may revise the Operation Policy. In such a case, the Company shall issue seven (7) days' prior notice on the Developer's Website.

Section 1 Acceptable Use Policy

Article 1 (Categories in which Service Use is Restricted)

Service use is restricted in the following categories. (Provided however that applications and webs which have been already released to the public (including the registration to the app market) and using this Service prior to the effective date may continue to use the Service.)

  1. Game application, web
  2. Game related application, web (pre-registration, reward, etc)
Article 2 (Forbidden Content)

Your application program using the Kakao platform service or any content which are shown and/or processed through other websites shall not contain any of the following:

  1. Any violation of the protective rights of third parties in accordance with applicable laws (e.g. copyrights)
  2. Extremely secular content (e.g. slang, insult)
  3. Hate related violent content
  4. Any content encouraging racial or ethnic discrimination
  5. Any content intended to support or develop computer hacking or cracking
  6. Gambling
  7. Illegal activities including brining in or taking out controlled substances or illegal software
  8. Drug related tools
  9. Phishing
  10. Malicious content
  11. Other materials, products or service violating or encouraging the violation of any criminal code, applicable laws or the rights of third parties.
Article 3 (Forbidden Acts)

In addition to violations specified in the Terms of Service and examples of violations mentioned, you shall not allow your end users and other third parties to commit the following acts:

  1. Creation or facilitation of unwanted commercial emails ("spam") including the following:
    • Sending emails violating applicable anti-spam laws;
    • Imitating or pretending to be someone else, imitating or disguising an email address or creating a fake account to send spams;
    • Data-mining of the properties of certain websites including the Kakao Platform Service to look for emails or other people's account information;
    • Sending emails which are not certified using open servers or third party servers;
    • Sending emails to users who have requested to be removed from the mailing list;
    • Selling, exchanging, or distributing a user's email address to third parties without the user's knowledge or consent; or
    • Sending a large volume of unwanted emails to individuals, organizations or businesses that are not related to you.
  2. Sending, uploading, distributing or circulating any content that is illegal, defamatory, taunting, abusing, fraud, infringing, pornographic or unpleasant, or providing such content for the purpose of performing the acts mentioned above;
  3. Intentionally distributing viruses, worms, defects, Trojan Horse, damaged files, tricks or other destructive or fraudulent items;
  4. Participating in pyramid scheme or similar activities;
  5. Sending harmful content to the minors;
  6. Deceiving others by pretending to be someone else or modifying your or someone else's email address (through the use of email address or other activities);
  7. Illegally sending intellectual properties or other exclusive information of the owner or the license provider without permission;
  8. Using the Kakao Platform Service while infringing upon the legal rights of other people (e.g. privacy protection or right to privacy);
  9. Promoting or encouraging illegal activities;
  10. Interfering with other user's use of the Kakao Platform Service;
  11. Selling, dealing, reselling or misusing the Kakao Platform Service for unauthorized commercial purposes;
  12. Revising, adapting, modifying or reverse engineering any part of the Kakao Platform Service;
  13. Deleting any copyright, trademark or other ownership notices included in the Kakao Platform Service;
  14. Re-formatting or re-organizing any part of webpages related to the administrator screen of the Kakao Platform Service;
  15. Using the Kakao Platform Service to share illegal peer-to-peer files;
  16. Containing any material, product or service to post any hateful or violent content, to violate any criminal act, applicable laws or third party rights, or to encourage such acts through the use of the Kakao Platform Service;
  17. Modifying Kakao's logo or any marks owned by Kakao;
  18. Using the Kakao Platform Service or any interface provided by the Kakao Platform Service to access Kakao's product or service in the form of violating the Terms of Service, other terms and conditions for any product or service provided by Kakao;
  19. Misleading users to think that a third party service is a part of Kakao services or affiliated Kakao service. (e.g. indication of "for kakao"); or
  20. Caching data received from Kakao or failing to keep it up to date after caching for purposes other than improving the user’s environment from the app.
  21. If a company name registered in the Biz App and a name of business entity in the business information entered at the time of registering Biz App do not match, or business information was falsely registered;
  22. If multiple developer website accounts or applications are created and operated in the same service;
    • If a user configures a platform that includes the same site domain using the corresponding package information or bundle ID, such a platform shall be considered as the same service.
  23. If application information submitted to the Kakao Platform Service is falsely registered or is not operated in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations and the government guidelines (ex. Terms and conditions for a simple subscription to an application fail to meet the contents and purpose of the service, or the revision and operation thereof is not carried out in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations and the government guidelines.)
Article 4 (Quota and Restriction)

Kakao has a limit restriction (hard & soft) for using its service. The "Hard" limit is applied automatically by the Kakao Platform Service. The "Soft" limit is a consumable resource by which you agree not to exceed the relevant quota.

  • Request Length: 30 seconds or less – Hard
  • MAU: Over 500,000 users – Hard
  • Total API calls exceeding 10 million - Hard
  • Network Bandwidth: 2TB/Month - Soft
  • API Requests - See below - Soft
Daily Volume Monthly Volume
KakaoStory Profile 30,000 Total Requests 3,000,000
KakaoStory MyStory Request 30,000
KakaoStory Posting 30,000
KakaoTalk Profile 30,000
KakaoLink 30,000
KakaoNavi destination sharing 30,000
KakaoNavi destination guide 30,000
Search 50,000
  - Search web contents 30,000
  - Search video clips 30,000
  - Search images 30,000
  - Search blogs 30,000
  - Search tips 30,000
  - Search books 30,000
  - Search cafes 30,000
Map 600,000
  - JS SDK 300,000
  - iOS/Android SDK 300,000
Local 100,000
  - Search an address 100,000
  - Transform a coord into a region 100,000
  - Transform a coord into a address 100,000
  - Transform a coord 100,000
  - Search the place by a keyword 100,000
  - Search the place by a category 100,000
Speech 20,000
  - Speech Recognition 20,000
  - Speech Synthesis 20,000
Vision 3,000
(beta: will be changed later)
Translation request number of 50,000 characters

*Daily and monthly volumes are subject to change.

Section 2 Technical Support

Article 5 (Principle of Technical Support)

Kakao provides free technical support in limited formats for application programs using the Kakao Platform Service (official SDK and API). While we do our best to provide free technical support, we cannot guarantee turnaround times. Also, please note that our free technical services will be limited to the scope, service hours, channels and contact persons described below:

Article 6 (Scope)

Technical support is available as specified below.

Installation and Setting Issue
  • SDK installation and setting for supported application programs
  • Example Guide for optimized settings for supported application programs
  • General questions regarding SDK and API
Issue Resolution
  • How to avoid or solve known issues
  • Answers to general how-to questions and links to related documents
  • How to deal with errors or abnormal behaviors found in any feature provided by the Kakao Platform Service which are not related to the user's application program code
Out-of Scope
  • Kakao's technical services will not be expanded to the following areas:
    • General debugging of the user's application program
    • Re-writing the user's application program code to ensure compatibility with the Kakao Platform Service
    • Modifying or patching a third party or open source software package to ensure compatibility with the Kakao Platform Service
    • Kakao does not provide paid consulting or professional service programs. However, we will be happy to introduce one of our consulting partners to our customer. If you want more information, please visit the "Partnership" page which will provide you brief explanation for your requirement.
Article 7 (Parties eligible for free technical support and how to request support)

Kakao's limited free technical services are available for all users registered with the Kakao Platform Service. Support requests can be made only for the following items:

  • Any request made through a support channel (see below for details)
  • Questions sent through registered Kakao Account email address
  • Collaborators who are related to the concerned request and also have access to the user's application program which uses features provided by the Kakao Platform Service
Article 8 (Community Channel)

Kakao provides community channels where users can discuss issues freely. Kakao Team members are actively engaged in the following community channels:.
DevTalk_: Kakao Developers Forum
Kakao Team members may participate in community channels at their own discretion, but the turnaround time for issue support is not guaranteed.

Article 9 (Service Hours)

Kakao provides 9x5 service. The hours are from 10 am to 7 pm (KST, Korea Standard Time) on Mon - Fri (no weekend support). You may submit a support request at any time during the service hours.

The Kakao Platform Service is monitored 24/7. For more information on pre-monitoring, please see Article 10.

Article 10 (Pre-Monitoring)

The Kakao Platform Service is monitored 24 hours every day (24/7) through an automated system. Any issue affecting the status, action and operation of Kakao's infrastructure, core system, tools, etc. will be notified to responsible teams, and they will immediately get to work to diagnose and solve the issue. This 24/7 monitoring service is applicable to paid and free services as well as the entire Kakao Platform Service to benefit all Kakao Platform Service users.

If an issue arises from the platform service, a notice will be posted in the status page of the developer's website to share its impact and the status of the issue. If the issue in the platform service persists, you don't need to contact the above support channel separately. Please make sure to monitor the status page which will always show the latest update and status information.

Article 11 (Premium Support)

You can submit a question via DevTalk_. If you want to take advantage of the premium option for functionalities not provided by the Kakao Platform Service, please visit the "Partnership" page.

Section 3 Trademark Usage Guidelines

Article 12 (Principle of Trademark Usage Guidelines)

The following guidelines apply to the use of Kakao Marks without Kakao's prior permission while providing products or services developed using the Kakao Platform Service:

Article 13 (Requirement for Trademark Usage)

① You may use Kakao Marks only for the purpose of describing the nature of the product or service developed using the Kakao Platform Service.
② When using Kakao Marks, you must attach the superscript ® next to Kakao Marks.
③ You shall not alter or modify any Kakao Mark, or mix it with other marks.
④ You shall not use Kakao Marks on the name of the application developed using the Kakao Platform Service, as well as icons, product names, service names, logos, symbols, etc. [E.g.] "Camera for KakaoTalk", "Camera for Kakao", "Kakao Camera", the speech balloon logo in the app icon (whether "TALK" is indicated or not)
⑤ You shall not use any phrase in the inside of the app, market, webpage, and other marketing materials which may confuse or mislead users to believe that the application is provided directly by Kakao or through technical partnership with Kakao. [E.g.] "This application has been developed through a technical partnership with Kakao."
⑥ Other uses of Kakao Marks in a manner which may damage its goodwill in the Mark or reputation is also prohibited:

  1. Using Kakao Marks like a common noun
  2. Including Kakao Marks in products or services with adult content
  3. Including Kakao Marks in products or services related to gambling
  4. Including Kakao Marks in products or services which damage, breach, slander or harm the reputation of Kakao or other parties
  5. Including Kakao Marks in products or services which violate applicable laws

⑦ If you damage the reputation of Kakao or Kakao's product or service either directly or through third parties, or harm Kakao's business right, you or the third party shall not use any of Kakao Mark.
⑧ Questions concerning proper use of the Marks shall be directed to DevTalk (Kakao Developers Forum).

Section 4 Others

Article 14 (Effective Date)

① This Operational Policies takes effect on September 17, 2019. Provided however that this Terms of Service will apply to new members who sign up for the Service between the date on which the amended Policies are posted and the day before the effective date.

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Last Modified : 2019-09-16