Package com.kakao.sdk.navi.model

카카오내비 API 모델 패키지
Package for the Kakao Navi APIs model


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enum CoordType : Enum<CoordType>

좌표계 타입
Type of the coordinate system

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data class Location @JvmOverloads constructor(name: String, x: String, y: String, rpFlag: String?) : Parcelable

장소 정보
Location information

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class NaviOption @JvmOverloads constructor(coordType: CoordType?, vehicleType: VehicleType?, rpOption: RpOption?, routeInfo: Boolean?, startX: String?, startY: String?, startAngle: Int?, returnUri: String?) : Parcelable

경로 검색 옵션
Options for searching the route

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enum RpOption : Enum<RpOption>

경로 최적화 기준
Criteria to optimize the route

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enum VehicleType : Enum<VehicleType>

Vehicle type